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Wedding Favours Canada

Wedding favors are one often the first things on the list when planning a wedding. Traditionally both the bride and the groom were required to contribute to the creation of their wedding favors. Now couples have the option of choosing premade wedding favors and their names are simply engraved or attached to these.

In the past, popular wedding favors included sweet almond sugar-coated candies stored into little tin boxes that had the couple’s names engraved on them. Now edible wedding favors can now be anything from chocolate mints to homemade cookies placed in cute craft boxes or designer tin cans.

Wedding favors on the cheap

If you want a wedding on a budget you can definitely save by making your own wedding favors. Homemade wedding favors run the gamut from CDs containing your favorite love songs to homemade candles with inscriptions of the time and date of your wedding, pillows, glass paperweights, and almost anything you can think of that can be given away.

Most brides may want to do this by themselves, especially if they have a wedding planner who can take of the majority of the wedding preparations.

Making homemade wedding favors are a fun and they make the favors all the more special.

Should you limit the number of wedding favors?

Even if you are trying to save on wedding favors, you should have enough for all the guests and not just for a selected few. This is because your guests have come to bless you and therefore should go away with their wedding favors as a token of your appreciation

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