Writing Your Own Wedding Vows Canadian Style

What else could be more romantic than giving your own heart-drawn vows instead of having the usual wedding promises? Customizing your wedding vows or writing your own allows you to swear to your beloved with all the creativity, sincerity and love that you have. Want to know how to get started and what to put in there? Here are some tips.

1. You both should agree to write your own wedding vows. You can help each other out in writing, reminiscing the times you’ve been through together. 2. Include a promise of how you would stand for and with each other until the end, whatever obstacles there may be. 3. Consult your wedding expert or wedding planner for ideas. He or she would most likely have interesting suggestions based on his or her wedding planning experiences. 4. Sincerity matters most. You can start wit traditional phrases such as “From now on”, “From this moment”, “From this day forward”, or “With all my heart, I promise,” among others. But you don’t have to stick to the traditional way of speaking vows; you can use modern language. 5. After writing, have somebody else who has had experience on wedding vows to review it for you. Practice reciting it before the actual day, but make sure to keep the emotions intact. Don’t be nervous. You should know your vows by heart since it was you who wrote it. You don’t have to say it word for word as long as you get the message across. 6. Say “thank you” for the things your partner has done for you, and apologize for your mistakes and disagreements.