What Women Hate about Single Guys

If you are still unlucky in love, you may be committing some costly mistakes in dating. Women are no longer settling for just any guy. Like you, they are looking for the right person. Here are some things you should avoid when dating:

Being bland, boring, and plain uninteresting

Though women want a serious relationship, they do not want to be involved with a boring man. They want to have an exciting relationship, one in which they are surprised with flowers, made to laugh with a good joke, and inspired to explore another place or experience. Hopefully you can use your natural sense of humor; however, over-the-top jokes are worse than bland talk.

Harboring insecurities

Women are similar to guys in this sense. They do not want emotionally clingy guys. They do not want you to be boring, but they also do not want you to be in their face all the time. Like men, women also want some time for themselves.

This is because modern women have their own careers, families, and social groups to think about. Women also want men who are self-aware and confident. They do not want men to use a fake persona for the sake of pleasing them.

Not being the one to make decisions

As much as women want to pick a place where you should go and what movie you should watch, making the decision all the time can be very tiring. A woman wants a man who knows how to be decisive when the need arises.

Not treating her as a woman

If you want to have a good relationship, you have to make adjustments. You have to realize the difference between a man and a woman. A woman needs you as a protector, a true representative of a man. She wants you to recognize her femininity as well. At the same time, she needs you to recognize her competence.