Top Alberta Wedding Locations

Culturally and naturally rich as it is, Alberta, Canada has hundreds of venues for weddings and wedding receptions. Be it highly religious as in a church, chapel or cathedral, or reasonably grand as in a private manor or a hotel, or simply romantic in an outdoor venue like the beach or a garden, there surely is an ideal place for you to hold your wedding in Alberta. Some of these venues are even convenient enough to have their own place for wedding receptions and parties, while others are conveniently situated near reception or party sites.

One of the most popular wedding sites in Alberta is the Banff-Canmore area, where more than 2500 weddings are held each year. With its majestic collection of lakes and mountains, this area has successfully charmed couples into exchanging their vows surrounded by its sheer beauty. In Banff, there are inns and hotels with venues for weddings, wedding receptions and parties outlooking the beauty of nature that the area is so proud of. There are also estates that can be rented just for the occasion.

However outrageous or adventurous you want your wedding place to be, as long as you can safely place yourselves (your lover and you), the officiating officer and two witnesses, Alberta law permits it. In that case, whether you want to be married at the food of a mountain, at the top of it, by the lake, in a garden, or wherever else, you can. In fact, there are those whjo went for dog sled weddings in winter.