The Perfect Edmonton Wedding

The keys to a perfect wedding day, be it in Edmonton or wherever else you want it to be, are careful planning and effective management and execution. (Of course, marrying the “right one” is a given.) After that sweet “yes” to the big question, one of the first things that you have to decide is what kind of wedding you want to have? Would it be a church wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding, or some other unique wedding style? Would you like it big and grand with hundreds of guests, or simple and solemn with your handpicked families and friends? How many people would you like to invite?

After that, you must decide the date. In what season or time of year would you want to be married? Would you like to be a June bride? Or you’d rather be married on the holidays for multiple celebrations? You must also decide the time of day? Should it be at the break of dawn? Near lunch? In the afternoon? At night?

How formal should the ceremony be? While wedding ceremonies are usually formal with the coat and tie or tuxedos and bridal gowns and veils, you can opt to give your guests more leeway in their attire by requiring semi-formal or smart casual wear. The same goes for your party or reception, though you can wear what you want in those two.

Finally, where would you like to hold the wedding? At a memorable place? A convenient one? Or a place that speaks of romance and grandeur in itself?