Planning for the Reception (Food to Serve, Music to Play, Etc.)

As it is today, a wedding reception is just as sure as the wedding is and to many, it is just as important as the wedding ceremony is. This is the first step in celebrating the union of two people in love after their exchange of their vows.

That is why it is worth the preparation and careful decision making.

Who should you invite?

Of course, it is worth inviting all the attendees of your wedding ceremony. You can also invite others to the reception.

Where should you hold it?

You have the liberty to choose the kind of reception that you want; although the reception is usually laden with traditional wedding formalities like the wedding ceremony so choose one that’s appropriate for the event. Just make sure to choose a venue that’s near the wedding site.

What theme and decorations should you choose?

Going with your wedding theme is fine.

What type of entertainment should you prepare?

Music is a very important factor in every event so make sure to get a band or a DJ fill the air with rhythm. You can also ask a friend or relative to prepare games for the guests.

What type of food should you prepare?

Depending on your budget, the time of your reception and your preferences, you can choose between a sit-down meal and a buffet. Whichever you choose, just make sure to do a taste test and to carefully plan the menu.

When deciding on what sort of food you would like, ensure to seek advice from an expert caterer such as Ideal Party. With an array of food available to you, they can make your day flow flawlessly, pleasing your guests with their immaculate service.

What should your attire be?

You can actually wear whatever you want on your reception. It’s your party after all. Just remember to choose the appropriate one for your wedding theme and the kind of reception that you would have.