How to Deal with Wedding Jitters

nervous bride

Hope for the best and expect the worst. This is probably the best mantra one can live by before stepping into marriage. It is a challenge many go into — but only a certain percentage carry through till death does them apart.

It is a transition stage, as you go from planning your life with only yourself in mind — to planning a life together with someone else. Wedding jitters are unavoidable. But they shouldn’t prevent you from carrying on with a lifetime commitment.

Don’t let your panic attacks get the best of you. As long as you know this is a mature decision coming from you and your partner, there is really nothing to worry about.

Talking to someone about your fears

It would help to talk to a friend in a stable marriage or a newlywed. These are people who know very well what you’re experiencing and have risen above it. Another good potential listener to your jitters is one of your parents.

Not only have they been through the challenge of pre-wedding jitters and years of marital experience — they are the people who know you best. Their years of experience and wisdom can definitely ease your troubles and make your doubts clearer.

You shouldn’t forget your partner in all this either — your husband-to-be. Remember that he is probably experiencing the same kind of trouble. It would definitely help if both of you remind each other why you decided to get married in the first place.

Go through old pictures, videos, and other times you spent together. It wouldn’t hurt to laugh at the eccentricities of your first date or first kiss either. For sure there are a lot of challenges you both went through. These memories can help lead both of you into saying “I do.”

Sometimes, it’s the idea of marriage that brings the jitters. But it’s the person you’re marrying who could take it all away.