What makes a good wedding planner?

Simply, a wedding planner is one who works on the details of your wedding and your wedding needs with you. He or she is one who acts as a middle person between you, the marrying couple, and the many wedding service and supply providers. You wedding planner should be able to walk you through the whole planning process, providing expert opinion and suggestions on things such as wedding and reception venues, documentation (video and photos), caterers, musicians, transportation, florists and couturiers, among others.

However, a GOOD wedding planner takes more than that – or at least, takes those services to a higher level. There are things that make a good wedding planner in terms of qualities, knowledge and skills.


A good wedding planner is one who:

– has excellent public relations skills – has excellent communication skills – can work with grace under extreme pressure – can make everyone else be graceful under extreme pressure, the bride included – is very organized and systematic – is a good listener – is detail-oriented – can work wonders even with limited budget – is confident and professional – always has fresh and creative ideas


Your prospective wedding planner must have knowledge on the following, among others:

– proper wedding etiquette – the best people and wedding service providers to work with – wedding fashion – latest wedding trends – wedding traditions – wedding products and services – wedding reception – wedding ceremony – proper wedding and wedding party attire and accessories – wedding formalities


For a wedding planner to be excellent for the job you are about to entrust him or her, he or she must have the following skills:

– wedding planning expertise through experience and formal wedding planning training – event planning – creative design and decoration – good fashion sense – public relations – communication – coordination – budget negotiation with service providers and suppliers