Top Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

Two of the main reasons why you would be interested in getting a wedding planner to work out and coordinate your wedding details and needs for you are:

(1) you want to be free of the tedious job of getting in contact with suppliers, designers, caterers, and others; and

(2) you want expert opinion on what’s best for your wedding.

But of course, getting the task done well involves getting the right person to do the job. That’s why you have to make sure that your wedding planner has all the expertise and qualities you need to graciously get you through the planning.

Here are some of the top questions you should ask a wedding planner before taking his or her services.

  • How many years or months have you been a wedding planner?
  • How many weddings have you planned? Can you tell me about some of them?
  • Did you have formal training in wedding planning?
  • Is there any wedding planning organization you belong to?
  • How do you charge for your services and how much?
  • Do you have a flat rate, a percentage rate or an hourly rate?
  • What services does your fee include?
  • How many hours would you dedicate to planning our wedding in a week?
  • How many times do we have to meet and how long?
  • Can you work within our budget?
  • In case you suddenly couldn’t perform your task, is there anyone who can take your place? Who?
  • Does your service charge include your attendance to the rehearsals? How about the wedding itself?
  • Do you need to employ other people for the planning? How many? And how would they be paid?
  • Do you have contacts for suppliers, couturiers, caterers and others that we would need for the wedding and the preparation?