Services Offered by Wedding Planners

A wedding planner has a lot of roles to perform once he or she is hired to carry out a wedding. Wedding planners are tasked to create a budget for the wedding, organize the various groups which will be working together, from the cake makers to the florists to the wedding souvenir manufacturers, as well as help the bride and groom figure out the program for the wedding and the reception. The following are some of the most basic services offered by wedding planners.

Creative director

The wedding planner and his or team creative team are there to create a dream wedding for you and the hubby. They will work around the concept that you want and give suggestions that you might now have thought of before.

Financial planning

Creation of the wedding and reception programs requires money and you may have a budget planned just exactly for that. Your wedding planner is there to make sure that your ideal wedding is made possible with the budget you have.

Organization services

The wedding planner is there to organize the groups that will participate in making the wedding possible from food and wine tastings to the program for the reception. It is also the wedding planner’s job to organize all the groups that will take part in the wedding, from the caterers to the photographer to make sure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Troubleshooting services

The wedding planner is there to prevent any mistakes from happening during the big day, and to make sure that glitches, from missing wedding rings to torn weddings veils are fixed fast to prevent a wedding day disaster. He or she also has a plan B on hand in case, for example, of rain during an outdoor wedding.