Planning an After-Wedding Party with Your Wedding Planner

Who wouldn’t want some toasts and cheers to celebrate your union? Special as it is, you wedding is one of the best celebrations of happiness; and you would want to share and celebrate this happiness with people who matter to you. Your wedding celebration doesn’t have to end with the wedding reception. That’s why it is important that you also take time planning an after-wedding party: your after-reception game plan. Of course, there’s your wedding planner to assist you all the way.

What kind of party should it be?

You have at least three choices: you can go some place else and continue the celebration, pimp up your house into a party place with some DPL lights, or, or simply have a wedding party part 2, similar to your first celebration but with added entertainment and perks.

Who should you invite?

You don’t really have to invite your entire entourage and your whole guest list and their add-ons to your after-wedding party; though it doesn’t mean they’re band. The thing is that this time, you don’t need the traditional wedding formalities, even on the invites. If you intend to invite selected people, you can tell them personally or include a separate invitation or card. If you want to invite everyone, you can include it in your wedding invitation.

Where should you hold it?

The key is it has to be some place nearby or at least, a place that would be most convenient to your guests. If your garden is big enough, you could rent a Capitall Marquees marquee and hold the after party at your house. This works well as it cuts costs and everyone you invite to the wedding will know where to go.

Do you still have to serve food?

But of course! Even though you had a sumptuous feast at the reception, your guests are bound to get hungry again. Your menu doesn’t have to be too fancy or too heavy, though. Anything that goes with the theme and blends with the reception banquet goes.

What should the attire be?

Go for whatever you want. It’s your party anyway. Again, it’s time to drop the traditional wedding formalities.