Popular Packages Offered by a Wedding Planner

Before you begin thinking that your wedding budget could not afford you the services of a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, you’d better be aware that whatever your budget is and whatever your wedding planning needs are, there surely is a wedding planning package for you. Most wedding planners can work within your budget, offering you a wedding planning package that makes the best compromise between your allotted budget and the services that you would require of a wedding planner.

Of course, you can avail of a full wedding planning package, which entails the services of a wedding planner from beginning to end. This kind of package usually includes all details of your wedding, including the reception. Your wedding planner would assist you from the budget preparation to the preparation of schedules, timelines and checklists, to the selection and booking of venues, selection of wedding theme and attire, coordination with vendors and service providers, tracking of guests and invitations, planning and coordination of the wedding ceremony and reception, transportation coordination, and many others.

There are also partial planning packages, wherein the marrying couple has a greater hand on the preparation as the first. They get to find and choose the essentials, and just let the wedding planner do the coordination and finer details. For these two types of wedding planning packages, it is usually best to go for a flat or fixed rate wedding planner.

Some packages, on the other hand, only include the rehearsals and/or the wedding day itself. Others, however, involve only consultations, while the couple and their friends and family still do the work. There are also packages only for specific wedding needs such as selection and coordination with vendors, selection and coordination of wedding and reception venues, organization of the reception or wedding ceremony, and many others. For these types of packages, getting wedding planners charging hourly rates is usually advisable.