How Wedding Planners Make Dream Weddings Come True

The wedding day is every girl’s dream day, which is exactly why planning should be done to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. Bride-to-be’s are often too busy to handle all the details of the wedding themselves. In some cases, handling the wedding details can become too stressful for one bride to handle. This is where wedding planers come in. Here are some of the most important roles of wedding planners which make them important in making that big day come true.

Wedding director

The wedding planner directs the sequence of events before and during the wedding, from making sure who gets to walk in front of who to planning when the bride and the groom can start their wedding dance. Included in this role is the role of the etiquette expert, where he or she helps the couple plan a socially or politically correct wedding.


When the groom and the bride have different views on how certain parts of the wedding should be done, the wedding planner is there to come up with an alternative solution that will satisfy both of them.

Budget manager

In cases when the wedding planner is doing all the work and only asks the bride and groom for their input, he or she is also the one in charge of the expenses and must keep the bride and groom informed of the expenses.

Wedding organizer

The wedding planner organizes all parties involved in the wedding, from the caterers to the florists to make sure everything is taken care of when the big day comes.

Wedding troubleshooter

In case something goes wrong, a good wedding planner must know how to shoot, whether it be a wedding dress that needs stitching or looking for the groom who has suddenly gotten cold feet.