How Do You Know If Your Wedding Planner Is Overcharging You?

If you are still on the process of choosing a wedding planner there is a chance you will meet unscrupulous wedding planners who want to make you their first and second weddings without letting you know it, or wedding planners who have no qualms about overcharging you. Here are some tips to avoid a planner will charge you more than you ought to pay.

Know the standard cost for a wedding

A typical wedding with the help of a wedding planner usually costs around $30,000, depending on the planner and the individual costs of services. If the overall sum for all the services for your wedding seems too much, he or she could be overcharging you.

Know how individual items, such as flowers, videographers, florists, etc. cost and compare with your wedding planner.

Knowing how much these individual services cost will give you an idea how much your wedding will be with all of these summed up. Some wedding planners may jack up the prices of these separate services in order to get more from you. If you yourself are familiar with how flowers, decorations, venues, photographers ad videographers cost, you will not easily get fooled.

Choose among multiple planners to see which one offers the best price for service.

The service fees of most wedding planners depend on how many years they have been in the business, their length of experience and how highly they are recommended by most clients. The most popular wedding planners, especially those who cater to high society weddings are the most expensive. Choose a wedding planner with an affordable service fee and the package that follows standard industry standards.