How Much does it Cost to Hire a Wedding Planner in Canada?

Wedding planners charge differently. Some would require a flat rate, others ask for a percentage rate, while others charge an hourly rate. While you might think that getting the services of a wedding planner is way out of your wedding budget, the good news is that there are wedding planners who can work within your budget and can customize a wedding planning package to suit your budget and your most important needs.

Wedding planners usually offer full wedding planning services from the start of the planning to the reception, but there are several wedding planners whom you can hire only for selected services like wedding and party dress selection, decoration, venue selection, reception planning, vendor selection, or wedding day coordination, among others.

As mentioned earlier, wedding planners have various ways of charging their clients. There are some who charge a percentage of your entire budget. Typically, it is about 10 to 15 percent. However, if you intend to get their services only for certain tasks or for consultations and referrals, then you can request an hourly rate, which is usually about $40 to $100. That way, you would only have to pay your wedding planner for the hours he or she has worked with you. You can also opt to a hire a wedding planner only for the actual wedding day.

If you intend to require a lot of services from your wedding planner, of you want a full wedding planning package, it is usually best to request for a flat or fixed rate based on the services that you would require. Only, beware of wedding planners who are claiming that their services, especially on vendor and service provider referrals, are free. There is a fat chance that they get “kick backs” from the sales of your wedding supplies or from the service charge.