A Fairytale Wedding – Even on a Budget

It sometimes begins even as a little girl: a woman dreams of a fairytale wedding with her real life prince. But as it is in these times, having a fairytale wedding does cost a lot; and it is quite impractical to go to immeasurable lengths when it comes to wedding expenses, then have none after the wedding. But with proper budgeting, planning and management, there sure is a way to have that much desired even on a budget. Here are some tips.

Plan. Take some time budgeting and planning every detail of your wedding. Budget your money very carefully so as to make sure that you make the most out of every cent.

Research. Go and canvass different stores and places, and find your needs at the most reasonable prices. You can browse the Internet, take a look at bridal magazines, ask relative and friends, or ask the advice of certified wedding planners.

Imagine. Carefully visualize how you want your wedding to be. Combining all the important elements and weaving them all harmoniously into your fairytale wedding is yours and your wedding planner’s to work on.

– Choose an appropriate venue. You can have it in a church, in a garden or by the sea. There are also manors that you can rent just for the occasion.

– Fill the air with appropriate music. Classical music and soothing tunes usually work best on a fairytale wedding.

– Get an appropriate means of transportation. While you can’t get a pumpkin to bring you o your castle, you can have a horse-drawn carriage for a more romantic and fairytale effect. To take advantage of this, you must keep in mind that the reception site must not be too far from the wedding site.

– Most importantly, dress up. Nothing provides the visual image of a fairytale wedding better than the bride and grooms’ outfits. Go for designs having an air of a fairytale prince and princess.