Picking the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

A wedding day is more than just an everlasting union made between two persons. Nowadays, it is the perfect excuse for one woman to become the most beautiful person in the room. Such beauty begins in finding the best wedding dress.

There are six basic shapes which the bride can choose from — sheath, a-line or princess, empire line, ball gown, mermaid, and trumpet. In choosing the right dress, one must first consider her body type before buying one simply out of design. Certain dress shapes do not work for specific body features. Remember, it is not a problem of being too fat, having big hips, or a small bust. There is always a dress shape that will properly accentuate your beautiful features.

The A-line or Princess shape dress creates an “A-shape” through the vertical seams going from one’s shoulders to a flared skirt. This is perfect for women with hourglass figures. Another right dress for this kind of figure is the trumpet style, where it is fitted until the waist with a flaring skirt. As for women with slim and tall figures, it would be best for them to look for a mermaid shaped gown. Such a gown gives a thin figure curves by embracing the woman’s entire body. Another close fitting dress shape is the sheath, giving the illusion of taller height for a petite frame. It is not recommended for brides with full figures and short waists.

The more traditional bride would go for the ball gown shape, which is suitable for slim waist lines. For the broad waist, it is advisable to opt for the empire line. This dress has a high waistline, perfect for women with small busts and petite frames.

A bride-to-be need not worry about never finding the perfect fit for her wedding day. Although there are a lot of dresses to choose from, knowing the different shapes narrow down the search.