Most expensive jewellery ever

There are millions of pounds worth of jewellery out there. All of which are crafted with the finest materials and by only the best jewellers. Making jewellery is an art form in itself; the designing process, the crafting and wielding. It can be described as nothing less than artistic genius.

Whether we’re talking about stunning Diamond Eternity rings or antique diamond crescent brooches from Berganza, every high-quality piece of jewellery is considered a piece of art; and rightfully so. So, what’s the most expensive a piece of jewellery has been?

Worlds-most-expensive jewellery

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is worth $200-250 million and is hugely well-known – no wonder! It’s 45.42 carats and was discovered in India, Golconda 1666. This stunning grey-blue diamond looks deep in tone but sparkles vividly when the light hits its edges.

A deep Ocean is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing The Hope Diamond because of the array of blue tones that shimmer within this striking diamond. Picturesque and full of impressive history, this is truly a diamond worth noting.

What does it look like?

The fascinatingly complex cut gives The Hope Diamond a geometric shimmer and an exquisite ambience as soon as the light beams on its edges.

Around The Hope Diamond

Around, lays 16 smaller cut white diamonds that look as though they are gravitating toward The Hope Diamonds moon-like sphere.

The necklace

The necklace on which The Hope Diamond hangs upon is made up of a chain of smoothly cut white diamonds.

Who owns The Hope Diamond?

Currently, the Smithsonian Institution has ownership of The Hope Diamond. It’s displayed with extremely high-security at the Institution. It previously was owned by Jean Baptiste-Tavernier, King Louis XIV, Henry Philip Hope and numerous other owners; some of which unknown.

The Hope Diamond Curse

As beautiful as this gem is, many believe it holds a curse. It goes without saying that this is just a superstition and has not been proven. With this said; previous owners of The Hope Diamond have come to some unfortunate circumstances.

As an example – Jean Baptiste-Tavernier who reportedly stole the diamond contracted a violent fever which turned fatal. King Louis XIV bought the stone from Tavernier and soon after died from gangrene!

The list does go on, however, back in those days, it was pretty common for people to suffer violent demises. But who’s to say if these specific deaths were due to a lack of hygiene and medicine, or because of The Hope Diamond Curse. I guess we’ll never know…

What do you think; is The Hope Diamond really cursed?