Going to a Gynaecologist Before Getting Married

Marriage is more than just a long term commitment with your partner. It is also an opportunity to have a fruitful family life. To make sure that careful steps are taken in building your life together, it is important to visit your gynaecologist before marriage. The most important priority in your visit is getting a pap smear test, which allows the detection of possible cancer changes in your cervix – preventing one from getting cervical cancer.

Checking for STDs

Cancer is not the only risk to be prepared for. If you and your partner are not virgins, it is important to check if you have any STDs or HIV when you were dating. STDs are a bigger risk to gamble with during pregnancy, endangering both the child and mother’s lives. Diseases that can affect the child include Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, and syphilis.

Dicussing family plans

Another important matter to discuss with your gynaecologist is your family plans. If you decide not to have children — whether in the long or short term — your doctor can prescribe the right contraceptives. Each form of contraception has its risks, so it’s important you have your doctor to guide you in choosing the right form of birth control. Options that will be discussed include the diaphragm, hormone birth control, and sterilization.

A lot of planning is also involved in having a family. Visiting your doctor gives you a better idea of the kind of lifestyle you need to lead in order to bear a child. Factors such as your daily medications, pre-existing medical conditions, lifestyle, concerns, etc. need to be taken into account and evaluated. It is important to take advantage of this visit, as two lives will be at stake.

Whatever your plans may be, marital activities involve a lot of health risks. It is important to ensure you have the proper guidance from your doctor.