Dealing with Stress from Wedding Preparations

Logistical confusion, family politics, uncooperative guests, and millions spent in one day—no matter how romantic the idea, weddings have become an unbelievable source of stress for future married couples. There’s no getting around all the necessary and painful preparation. One needs to undergo stress in order to have that “perfect” day.

Unfortunately, that very concept of perfection is the primary source of stress for most brides. Because the event has to go by the storybook/textbook example, women lash out on the smallest mistakes. Instead of setting yourself up for high expectations, try enjoying the actual planning process.

Be realistic about your goals and how they will be executed. This is also the perfect opportunity to begin thinking practically — a trait necessary for surviving the married life.

Being firm with your plans

Like any other event, your wedding is something a number of people will attend. It is important you are firm on your plans, and not bend backwards for meddling relatives to see what they want. It’s you and your husband’s names on the invitation, not theirs.

But make sure you communicate this fact diplomatically to your guests attempting to intervene. You don’t want extra baggage carried over to your married life after the ceremony.

Never forget that the pre-marital and post-marital points of your life are to be enjoyed. If your budget can accommodate it, hire a wedding planner so that you may also focus on other responsibilities.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of good friends who are willing to help and give their smart opinions. Keep in mind as well that this is a ceremony with your future husband, who will always play a significant part. Don’t forget that you should also be preparing yourselves for a lifetime together.

In Conclusion

The wedding is the only first challenge you and your groom will be facing together. Just take comfort you won’t be facing this alone — preparations will be easier to deal with.