Top Alberta Wedding Locations

Culturally and naturally rich as it is, Alberta, Canada has hundreds of venues for weddings and wedding receptions. Be it highly religious as in a church, chapel or cathedral, or reasonably grand as in a private manor or a hotel, or simply romantic in an outdoor venue like the beach or a garden, there surely […]

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The Perfect Edmonton Wedding

The keys to a perfect wedding day, be it in Edmonton or wherever else you want it to be, are careful planning and effective management and execution. (Of course, marrying the “right one” is a given.) After that sweet “yes” to the big question, one of the first things that you have to decide is […]

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Wedding Photography

What with all the memories packed within that special day, why wouldn’t you want your wedding to be documented? Of course, you would want your every shining moment captured into photographs that you can show your children in the future. You can either have a friend or family to take pictures with your own camera, […]

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