Dealing with Acne Before Your Wedding Day

Regardless of age, gender, background, race, or even days before getting married – anyone can develop acne. Not only teenagers who experience drastic hormonal changes during puberty may suffer from acne, but there also cases of adult acne in people aged 40 and up. Although acne is considered a very common skin problem, it is […]

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nervous bride

How to Deal with Wedding Jitters

Hope for the best and expect the worst. This is probably the best mantra one can live by before stepping into marriage. It is a challenge many go into — but only a certain percentage carry through till death does them apart. It is a transition stage, as you go from planning your life with […]

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Going to a Gynaecologist Before Getting Married

Marriage is more than just a long term commitment with your partner. It is also an opportunity to have a fruitful family life. To make sure that careful steps are taken in building your life together, it is important to visit your gynaecologist before marriage. The most important priority in your visit is getting a […]

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Top Alberta Wedding Locations

Culturally and naturally rich as it is, Alberta, Canada has hundreds of venues for weddings and wedding receptions. Be it highly religious as in a church, chapel or cathedral, or reasonably grand as in a private manor or a hotel, or simply romantic in an outdoor venue like the beach or a garden, there surely […]

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Services Offered by Wedding Planners

A wedding planner has a lot of roles to perform once he or she is hired to carry out a wedding. Wedding planners are tasked to create a budget for the wedding, organize the various groups which will be working together, from the cake makers to the florists to the wedding souvenir manufacturers, as well […]

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